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Renovation of the iconostasis of the Saint Alexander Nevsky cathedral

With Metropolite Jean’s blessings, the renovation of our iconostasis is under way.

Since 2019, we cleansed higher line of icons. Now, we are going to do the same with lower line and doors and, for the first time, the structure of iconostasis by itself will be repaired. Unseen by parishioners, some parts are indeed suffering from the naturel effect of more than one and half century time.

Managed under the responsability of an architect expert in patrimonial defense and achieved by specialized firms, these works will be processed in several steps including take-away of icons, Holy Cross and Royal Doors.

All necessary measures have been taken for implementing works with minimum hindrances for Holy Celebrations and respecting spirituality of our cathedral. Scaffoldings will remain about three weeks.

These works are expected to last for approximately three months. Their cost is estimated at 55.000 euros. Following major repairs and restaurations outside cathedral since 2013, this new program gives supplementary evidence of our deep and thorough dedication to propose a dignified and beautiful haven for praying or just visiting, as permanently made since 1861 when Saint-Alexandre Nevsky church was consecrated. We do thank for any financial support you would offer.

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